professional photography

Michael Maili Photographer since 1999

The professional Access to photography and film-works originated 1999 during an USA trip. First publications developed from rock climbers in Yosemite Nationalpark and prepared my way into the future. I concentrate my attention in sport, action and advertising photography. The next couple years went by quickly. Thousands of Pics found their place in my archives and many others were published in international magazines. The intensive time during my cooperations with professional athletes, high gloss magazines and outdoor companies, reflect my personal approach to professionalism and inimitability . 2012 while Book-Works in South Tirol i had a hazardous accident and must stop my art of action-photography for lasting of month. So i changed the focus of my activity in Fine Art, Landscape  and high end advertising photography. A other big act of this part regards the city-photography of Bruck an der Mur and whose Events.

Michael Maili Owner of mmARts Photography, big wall production( and He lives in Bruck an der Mur Styria Austria.

Katarina Pashkovskaya

At home in the counterworlds of Belarus and Austria.
Pictures and photos can capture so much more than just a moment.They tell stories, they draw characters and magnify emotions.
With my lens I capture people who couldn’t be more different: politicians, celebrities, athletes and people like you and me.
The view through my camera changes people. It allows me to see through their outer shell and lets me see their true self. The result is the perfect portrait. Not in an absolute sense but in that very special moment.
For ten years I have had a special interest in photography, journalism and more recently this interest developed into regular press and portrait shoots. For me photography is a way to find myself; an opportunity to take in the world in a focused way. My photos tell a story, I use them to express myself. They are my own special way to communicate.

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